Masters (level 1) in Biomedical Data Processing, Microrobots and Nanotechnology for Medicine

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The University Ist Level Master's Degree in Information Elaboration of Biomedical data and Telecontrol in medicine Course is to be held at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Verona, organized together with some Computing lecturers from the Faculty of Sciences and with some private companies as well. The aim of the Master is to provide a Biomedical and technical-scientific background training for the participants, to show them common analysis methods used to understand biomedical phenomena and common work methods for interdisciplinary elaboration of models. The overall objective of the Master is, therefore, to open up and increase those points of contact between the different cultures of origin of the students and to provide them with the skills which will enable them to integrate their work more effectively in the interdiciplinary work contexts that they come from. Through the teaching and workshops, the students will be able to acquire a competent knowledge of the computer tools used in imaging, in advanced statistical anlysis, in genomics and in distance controls of biodedical tools in the fields both of diagnostic procedures and therapeutic ones. The course is designed, typically for those who have recently graduated in Biomedical or Technical-scientific studies, who are not working, and who would like to integrate these things with what they have learned in the more traditional study courses, offered by the existing didactic systems. Both nationally and locally , and both in the Companies which produce and sell equipment and products ( eg. Philips, Siemens, Glaxo-SmithKline) and in places where these things are used ( Hospitals, Health Systems, Universities), graduates are required nowadays, who can work transversally in that they have those indispensable skills that enable them to understand the language which problems come up in, and they understand the more specifically technical-scientific needs of a biomedical nature, which are used to find answers. The tools that help us to understand and the work done during the Master will further enable students to use bioinformational resources which are currently available. They will also be able to access the elaboration of new solutions as far as the biomedical application of advanced genomics is concerned. For those who are unemployed, there is no cost for enrolment to the Master as it is financed by the F:S:E: ( Fondo Sociale Europeo ( Eurpoean Social Funds) There are 15 + 3 places available. The Master provides students with 60 university credits.

Course details

1 years
Controlling body
Scientific committee for the Master in Medical Biomedical data and telecontrol Information technology Elaboration
Radioprotection Service
Short Master Programs (postgraduate)
Macro area
Life and Health Sciences
Disciplinary area
Medicine and Surgery

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