Combined Bachelor's + Master's degree in Medicine and Surgery

Ethical dilemmas in medical genetics  (Corso Elettivo)

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Alberto Turco
Alberto Turco
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2° semestre 1°- 5° anno dal Feb 17, 2020 al May 29, 2020.

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To provide the student with the main information on the fundamentals of bioethics: e.g.. non-maleficiency, benevolence, justice. Through real clinical and personal family cases provide arguments for discussion and reflection related to dilemmas often present in human genetics. Protection and experimentation on the human embryo. Reproductive cloning and PMA techniques. The infamous "Law 40" on ART (Artificial Reproductive Technologies). Fetal exclusion tests and Huntington. False illegitimate paternity. Abortion of an unaffected fetus. Right to know and not to know. Social stigma. Cancer susceptibility testing and insurance. HLA-matching pre-implant diagnosis.


Lay bioethics and Catholic bioethics. Embryo development: pre-embryonic stage. Morula and blastocysts. Genetic tests: diagnostic, presymptomatic, carrier analysis, susceptibility. Genetic testing for homozygous twins. Diagnostic and therapeutic obstinacy. Law 194 and termination of pregnancy affected. Clinical examples (chromosomal and mendelian). Right to have affected children, and right to IVG of unaffected fetuses.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Neri G. e Genuardi M. Genetica Umana e Medica (Edizione 4) EDRA LSWR - Masson 2017

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Proficiency based on attendance

Date and class schedule:
16-21-27-28.4 and 5.5.2020
From 5.30PM to 7.30PM

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Appropriate for students enrolled in the 2nd thru 6th year

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