Level 2 Masters in Palliative Medicine

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2 years
Controlling body
Comitato scientifico del Master Universitario in Medicina Palliativa (II livello)
Short Master Programs (postgraduate)
Macro area
Scienze della Vita e della Salute
Area disciplinare
Medicina e Chirurgia

Educational objectives

The 2nd level University Master in Palliative Medicine, which has been set up according to the rulings on Didactic Autonomy in Universities (D.M.509/99), aims to train doctors who will be qualified to work in the palliative treatment environments both in general contexts ( general practitioners) and specialized ones ( residential structures such as hospices, palliative treatment centres, etc.). The qualification provided with this Master,since there is no specific discipline or a specialization school for palliative medicine, may be considered to be a recognised qualification for those who wish to work in the field of palliative treatments, and for those who wish to manage related residential structures. The educational objectives are :
- Knowledge of those diseases which have a history in their terminal phases of palliative treatment, with particular reference to oncological illnesses;
- Knowledge of and ability to apply methodologies of clinical research peculiar to palliative medicine in the terminal stage of life ;
- Knowledge of and ability to apply the principles of palliative treatment in the area, in hospitals and hospices;
- Knowledge of treatment for pain therapy and therapy for other prevalent symptoms in terminal phases;
-Knowledge of and ability to interact with the public and private social-health services which exist in this area;
- Ability to work in an interdisciplinary, interprofessional équipe;
- Acquisition of suitable communication skills for communicating with terminally ill patients and their families;
- Acquisition of knowledge, skills and experience of assistance up until death and support during mourning;
- Knowledge and acquisition of bioethical principles which are to be applied in critical situations;
- Knowledge of the principles of anthropology when applied to terminal situations.

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