Vincenzo Bronte

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Immunology Section
Graduate School Life and Health Sciences
Positions held at other faculties
  • Adjunct professor from 5/23/13 to 4/4/14 Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences [deactivated from 9/30/12. ]
employed in different departments
  • Full Professor from 1/1/11 to 7/31/15 Department Pathology and Diagnostics [Department deactivate from 7/31/15. ]



Teachings in the last two academic years
Name Total credits E-lrng Teacher credits Modules offered by this teacher
Immunology  (2018/2019)   9 
Sciences introduction to the medical profession  (2018/2019)   7  TIROCINIO DI SCIENZE PROPEDEUTICHE ALLA PROFESSIONE MEDICA TIROCINIO DI RICERCA [Immunologia - Gruppo Prof. Bronte]
Immunology  (2017/2018)   9 
Sciences introduction to the medical profession  (2017/2018)   7  TIROCINIO DI SCIENZE PROPEDEUTICHE ALLA PROFESSIONE MEDICA TIROCINIO DI RICERCA [Immunologia - Gruppo Prof. Bronte]

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Topic Description Research area
innate immunity The innate immune system, also known as the non-specific immune system or in-born immunity system is an important subsystem of the overall immune system that comprises the cells and mechanisms that defend the host from infection by other organisms. The cells of the innate system recognize and respond to pathogens in a similar way, but, unlike the adaptive immune system, the system does not provide long-lasting immunity to the host. Innate immune systems provide immediate defense against infection, and are found in all classes of plant and animal life. Immunology - Immunology
Natural Immunity Natural immunity is the evolutionarily older component of immunity that is based primarily, albeit not exclusively, on the function of professional phagocytes and which is characterized by the ability to respond to pathogens without requiring a previous encounter with the same pathogens. . This is why it is also called natural immunity. Immunology - Immunology
Tumor immunology Immune response and tumors Immunology - Immunology
inflammation Studies on the mechanisms utilized by innate immune cells to modulate inflammatory and immune responses. In particular, the studies are focused in gaining new insights on the role of neutrophils and monocyte/macrophages in autoimmune diseases and cancer. Immunology - Immunology

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