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Bettina Campedelli,  October 19, 2019
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Business Administration
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  • Personale Docente del Dipartimento di Economia Aziendale
Positions held at other faculties
  • Full Professor from 10/1/00 to 4/4/14 Economics and Management
  • Postgraduate course lecturers from 11/1/03 to 10/31/04 Faculty of Law [deactivated from 9/30/12. ]
employed in different departments
  • Full Professor from 1/1/01 to 12/31/02 Department of Economics, Society and Institutions [Department deactivate from 5/24/10. Confluito nel nuovo dipartimento di Scienze Economiche]



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Polo Santa Marta, Floor 2, room 2.35 Friday 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Teachings taken in the last two academic years at other faculties
Faculty of Name Total credits Teacher credits Modules offered by this teacher
Economics and Management Auditing and Internal Controls (2019/2020)   9 
Economics and Management Management control (2019/2020)   9 
Economics and Management Auditing and Internal Controls (2018/2019)   9 
Economics and Management Management control (2018/2019)   9 
Topic Description Research area
Performance management in hospitals Study of the exogenous and endogenous determinants of efficiency in public and private hospitals. Analysis of organizational models and performance measurement with reference to public hospitals. Cost analysis and cost effectiveness analysis of innovative models of taking care of the patient. The employed research methods are both quantitative and qualitative. Performance management - Performance management
Performance antecedents in firms and impact measurement Study of antecedents of financial performance in firms belonging to different size and industry clusters. Among analysed determinants there are the effects of internationalisation, innovation, networking and cooperation, or sustainability implementation. The research methodologies are mainly quantitative. Performance management - Performance management
Variables of efficiency in the management of public utilities Study of operational and environmental variables that influence the efficiency of local public service management companies, in particular with regard to the management of water services, the management of water purification and the management of waste collection. Among the determinants can be recognized the ownership structure, the company size, the population density served, the degree of vertical integration and the type of user served. The employed research methods are mainly quantitative (e.g. Data Envelopment Analysis - DEA). Performance management - Performance management
Sustainable business models Deepening of scientific knowledge on business archetypes/models for sustainability, and also the tools which enable their implementation. Specific case studies of firms which have adopted sustainable management practices, created or converted the business through sustainability innovations, or implemented circular business models or inter-organisational forms of cooperation (business networks for sustainability) are analyzed, mainly through qualitative methodologies. CSR, sustainability and business ethics - CSR, sustainability and business ethics
Sustainability reporting and non-financial disclosure in for profit organizations Analysis of the social, sustainability and non-financial disclosure practices within different clusters of firms. The reporting analysis is conducted through qualitative and quantitative methodologies as well as few techniques (e.g., content analysis, scoring, discourse analysis) and place into relationships with firms’ features, their institutional context, the implementation of some kind of practices, and the attainment of outputs/performance results. CSR, sustainability and business ethics - CSR, sustainability and business ethics
Planning, control and performance measurement systems in universities Analysis of the planning, reporting and performance measurement practices of universities. The systems of accounting, strategic planning, budgeting and the indicators dashbords are investigated, put into relationship with the organisations’ features and the institutional context, and analysed with reference to their effectiveness and their impacts on universities’ performance. Performance management - Performance management
Benefit Corporations and B-Corp Study of the development of the Benefit Corporation in Italy and comparison with the US experiences. The facilitators and the factors that lead companies to change in the statute have been analysed, as well as the costs and obstacles encountered in this process. Special attention is paid to the integration of the "benefit" dimension into the business model and the development of transparency and reporting tools required by the law. The epistemological approach used involves the use of case studies and field studies supported by data collection through interviews, focus groups, and document collection. CSR, sustainability and business ethics - CSR, sustainability and business ethics
Sustainability at universities Analysis of the different aspects related to the sustainability of universities considering the national and international context. The study embraces the analysis of the tools that enhance greater knowledge of sustainable development within universities. In particular, as a tool of engagement sustainability reporting has been considered as a lever for the dissemination of such knowledge, as well as, an instrument for sharing a sustainable approach and its impacts. Among the various aspects is also explored the importance of education for sustainable development in management and accounting courses, aimed at disseminating, among other things, the 17 goals of the United Nations. Being the field strictly linked to social contexts, it is expected to use focus groups, semi-structured interviews and experimental approach. CSR, sustainability and business ethics - CSR, sustainability and business ethics

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