Bachelor's degree in Sport and Exercise Science (from 2008-2009)

Course curriculum (revisionato nel 2019)

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Course curriculum:training activities divided by year of enrollment
Registration year: 2019/2020
Year Credits TTA Activity Academic year of attendance
A Anatomia umana - Human Anatomy (BIO/16) 2019/2020
B Biochimica del movimento - Biochemistry of exercise (BIO/10) 2019/2020
A Biologia - Biology (BIO/13) 2019/2020
B Didattica applicata alle scienze motorie - Physical education (M-PED/03) 2019/2020
A/B Economia e legislazione applicate alle scienze motorie - Principles of sport management (SECS-P/07 ,IUS/01) 2019/2020
12  A/F Propedeutica chinesiologica e sportiva - Introduction to chinesiology and sport (M-EDF/02 ,-) 2019/2020
C Pedagogia generale - General Pedagogy (M-PED/01) 2019/2020
E Foreign language (level B1 CB Test)  
A Analisi del movimento e controllo motorio - Introduction to movement analysis and motor control (M-EDF/01) 2020/2021
1 module among the following:
Available modules Credits Academic year of attendance
Kinesiology (M-EDF/01) 3 2020/2021
Physical activity and development (M-EDF/01) 3 2020/2021
Physical education and games (M-EDF/01) 3 2020/2021
B Biomeccanica - Biomechanics (M-EDF/01) 2020/2021
12  B Fisiologia - Human Physiology (BIO/09) 2020/2021
A/C Psicologia applicata alle scienze motorie - Sport and exercise psychology (M-PSI/01 ,M-PSI/06) 2020/2021
A Sociologia applicata alle scienze motorie - Sport sociology (SPS/07) 2020/2021
13  B/F Tecniche e metodologie dell'allenamento - Training Methodology (M-EDF/02 ,-) 2020/2021
D Activities chosen by the student  
2° 3° C
1 module among the following:
Available modules Credits Academic year of attendance
Sports Journalism (M-EDF/02) 3 2020/2021
Teaching of swimming (M-EDF/02) 3 2020/2021
Theory and pedagogy of fitness (M-EDF/02) 3 2020/2021
2° 3° F Other activities  
B/F Attivita' motorie preventive e adattate - Preventive and adapted physical activity (M-EDF/02 ,-) 2021/2022
A/C Farmacologia e cardiologia applicate all' attivita' motoria - Farmacology and cardiology applied to physical activity (MED/11 ,BIO/14) 2021/2022
B Malattie dell'apparato locomotore - Diseases of the Locomotor Apparatus (MED/33) 2021/2022
18  B/F Tecniche e didattica degli sport individuali e di squadra - Teaching individual and team sports (M-EDF/02 ,-) 2021/2022
F Tirocinio libero - Free teaching practice (-) 2021/2022
D Activities to be chosen by the student  
E Final exam  

Type of training activity (TTA)
A Basic activities
B Characterizing activities
C Related or complementary activities
D Activities to be chosen by the student
E Final examination
F Other activitites
S Placements in companies, public or private institutions and professional associations

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