Laurea in Tecnica della riabilitazione psichiatrica (Rovereto - ex sede Ala)
(abilitante alla professione sanitaria di tecnico della riabilitazione psichiatrica) d.m. 270/04

Laurea in Tecnica della riabilitazione psichiatrica (Rovereto - ex sede Ala) (abilitante alla professione sanitaria di Tecnico della riabilitazione psichiatrica) D.M. 270/04

Organizzazione dei servizi psichiatrici e lavoro di rete

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The teaching aims to raise awareness of the history, current developments in the organization of psychiatric services and their functions, therapeutic-rehabilitative practices in semi-residential and residential contexts and the main working theories of the working group . MODULE OF ORGANIZATION OF PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES Formative objectives: - To transmit the legislative framework that is at the base of the organization of the DSM - Deepen the most important organizational articulations - Bring experiences and testimonies to better understand the topics covered ORGANIZATION MODULE OF WORK IN EQUIPE Training objectives: • Know the main working theories of group dynamics • Know the work-group functioning • Acquire reading skills of relationships within the organization-work • Know the processes management mechanisms • Acquire the ability to deal with work management problems through the use of appropriate tools • Know the main aspects of teamwork in the psychiatric field MODULE ORGANIZATION OF RESIDENTIAL AND SEMIRESIDENTIAL STRUCTURES Training objectives: 1. To learn a general overview with respect to the evolution in the history of the concept of therapeutic psychiatric community. 2. learn the organization and the different characteristics of the various types of residential structures. 3. Learn and reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of psychiatric residential facilities and the projects they have started and implemented. 10 4. Learning the organization of semi-residential psychiatric facilities (Day Center and Day Hospital). 5. Learn the innovative aspects characteristic of residential and semi-residential psychiatric facilities. "

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