Laurea in Tecnica della riabilitazione psichiatrica (Rovereto - ex sede Ala)
(abilitante alla professione sanitaria di tecnico della riabilitazione psichiatrica) d.m. 270/04

Laurea in Tecnica della riabilitazione psichiatrica (Rovereto - ex sede Ala) (abilitante alla professione sanitaria di Tecnico della riabilitazione psichiatrica) D.M. 270/04

Organizzazione dei servizi sanitari e sociali

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The aim of the course is to provide elements of labor law and the organization of the National Health System in order to know the organization of social and health services with particular reference to psychiatric services, their organizational structure, mission and legislative framework. EMPLOYMENT MODULE Training objectives: Make labor law comprehensible. Facilitating insertion into the world of work by providing knowledge on forms of work, employment, rights and obligations of the parts of the employment relationship and on tools for protecting the worker HEALTH SYSTEM ORGANIZATION MODULE AND HEALTH LEGISLATION Training objectives: To acquire knowledge on the organizational structure of the National Health Service in order to operate effectively in the complexity of the health system. Learning with a unified vision methods and skills to be used for the exercise of one's professional role towards users and in synergy with the other operators of the NHS. MODULE OF ORGANIZATION OF SOCIAL SERVICES Training objectives: The course aims to make students able to orient themselves within the complex and heterogeneous world of social services, providing tools and analysis criteria aimed at developing awareness and competence on the functioning and organization of services. MODULE OF SOCIOLOGY OF ORGANIZATIONAL PROCESSES Training objectives: The course aims to offer the basic tools for the analysis of organizational processes with particular attention to those processes that characterize healthcare organizations. The teaching aims to make future health professionals aware of the importance of historical, social and cultural aspects in the creation of organizational processes in healthcare. The course is structured in such a way as to take advantage of the significant experiential knowledge that female students and students have gained in different health organizations during the training periods of previous years, offering conceptual tools for a critical re-reading of the experience. The teaching will offer, first of all, some historical notes on the concept of organization and organizational processes. Moving from a culturalist perspective, the concepts of organizational culture, sense creation and organizational learning will be introduced using case studies to illustrate its meaning. The concepts learned will be used by students and students in writing a term paper on their internship experience that will allow them to put into practice the skills learned and will be subject to a final evaluation

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