Laurea in Tecnica della riabilitazione psichiatrica (Rovereto - ex sede Ala)
(abilitante alla professione sanitaria di tecnico della riabilitazione psichiatrica) d.m. 270/04

Laurea in Tecnica della riabilitazione psichiatrica (Rovereto - ex sede Ala) (abilitante alla professione sanitaria di Tecnico della riabilitazione psichiatrica) D.M. 270/04

Laboratori professionali (secondo anno)

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Obiettivi formativi

The professionalizing laboratories are essential learning experiences that anticipate the clinical training; offer students the opportunity to experiment in applying the acquired knowledge and theoretical principles, in a safe and controlled environment. The goal is to allow the student to experiment in virtual care settings, without putting the safety of real patients at risk. They aim to develop both practical skills (through simulations in plausible clinical settings, with the use of simulators) and other transversal skills (care, relational, communication, problem solving, critical thinking). They are carried out in small groups throughout the academic year (I - II semester), under the guidance of tutors. in the second year The main objective of the laboratory is the acquisition of specific skills for the drafting of the Rehabilitation Therapeutic Project (PTR). The student will experiment in the construction and conduct of clinical interviews, in the collection of pertinent and complete data with respect to the person, developing ability to identify the needs and priorities on which to act, formulating rehabilitative objectives and hypothesising interventions. The student will understand the importance of verifying the progress of the PTR assuming an adequate time frame for assessing the objectives set.

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