Bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy (to qualify as a physiotherapist) (Verona)

Bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy (to qualify as a physiotherapist) (Verona)


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Provide basic knowledge about pharmacology, general pathology, microbiology, internal medicine and medical therapy of physiotherapy interest. MODULE: PHARMACOLOGY Understanding the actions of drugs on the physio-pathological processes of patients with particular reference to the drugs used in the main areas of intervention of the physiotherapist. MODULE: GENERAL PATHOLOGY Acquire conceptual and scientific tools to explain the causes and mechanisms of human diseases. Know the main pathogenic factors, the general principles of disorders of the complex systems of homeodynamics, reactions to biological damage with particular reference to inflammation, processes of healing or chronicization. MODULE: MICROBIOLOGY Acquire essential information on infectious processes supported by viruses and bacteria, on the growth and spread of these microorganisms and on preventive measures. MODULE: INTERNAL MEDICINE AND MEDICAL THERAPY Identify internal pathologies, knowing how to identify the main clinical aspects and recognize the possible complications of interest to the physiotherapist. Identify the most frequent drug therapies knowing the main indications and side effects. Know the main techniques and rehabilitative procedures related to the main visceral disabilities.

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