Postgraduate Specialisation in Dermatology and Venereology

Course name
List of teachings with the periods that have not been assigned
years E-lrng Name Teacher or coordinator
Attivita' congressuali 1 not yet allocated
Endocrinology Giacomo Zoppini
Esame di profitto teorico-pratico 1 not yet allocated
Pharmacology Ugo Moretti
Malattie cutanee e veneree 1 (discipline specifiche) Giampiero Girolomoni (Coordinator)
Medicina interna (tronco comune) not yet allocated
Microbiology and clinical microbiology Maria Del Mar Lleo'Fernandez
Anatomia patologica 2 Chiara Colato
Attivita' congressuali 2 not yet allocated
Esame di profitto teorico-pratico 2 not yet allocated
Malattie cutanee e veneree 2 (discipline specifiche) Giampiero Girolomoni (Coordinator)
Anatomia patologica 3 Chiara Colato
Attivita' congressuali 3 not yet allocated
Chirurgia plastica Maurizio Governa
Esame di profitto teorico-pratico 3 not yet allocated
Malattie cutanee e veneree 3 (discipline specifiche) Giampiero Girolomoni (Coordinator)
Attivita' congressuali 4 not yet allocated
General Surgery Gerardo Mangiante
Esame di profitto teorico-pratico 4 not yet allocated
Malattie cutanee e veneree 4 (discipline specifiche) Giampiero Girolomoni (Coordinator)
(click to insert) The course will cover areas of infectious diseases relevant for the gynecologists with particular reference to sexually transmitted diseased and infectious diseases with foetal amternal transmission Ercole Concia
Final exam not yet allocated

Academic year

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