Bachelor's degree in Nursing (to qualify as a nurse) (Vicenza)


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Michele Bertani
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INF VI - 3° anno 2° sem dal Feb 3, 2020 al Mar 27, 2020.

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The course offers the basic sociological tools for the understanding of the meanings and social functions of the family. Through a process divided into several steps, the socio-cultural changes of the family will be analyzed during the course. Specific attention will be dedicated to the connections between the new family forms and health situations and illness, the emergence of new ethical challenges in social and health fields, the concept of health , the concept of illness and family in other cultures.


The first part of the course examines the social and cultural changes that have occurred in the Italian family for the last fifty years, with a focus also on the characteristics of immigrant families living in Italy. In the second part it introduces the concepts of care and disease present in the sociological literature. In the third and final part it proposes a parallel reading of the meaning of health and disease that take in different cultural systems and the typical difficulties encountered by the healthcare provider in Italy when interacting with foreign users.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Paola Di Nicola Famiglia: sostantivo plurale. Nuovi orizzonti e vecchi problemi (Edizione 2) Franco Angeli 2017 9788891759672

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