Bachelor's degree in Nursing (to qualify as a nurse) (Trento)

Health organizations and care processes - SOCIOLOGIA DEI PROCESSI ORGANIZZATIVI

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Alberto Zanutto
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INF TN - 3° anno 1° sem dal Oct 14, 2019 al Dec 20, 2019.

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Learning outcomes

Providing elements of awareness of the health institution complexity, minding to organizational services such as hospitals, territorial services, MMGs, the class will put attention on the professional diversity as a plurality of different points of view about organisational life.
Promoting interdisciplinary work and introducing the logic of organisational power, the class will develop the issue of the new technologies as an opportunity for organizational learning.
Starting from general conceptualizations, we will analyze some of the issues related to organizational life in health institutions by promoting a proactive logic of nursing staff.
In particular, in the 12 hours the class will deal with questions relating to organizing, organizational culture, gender and management of organizational errors.


1. Class opening to set a common agreement about the training process. The contents will start about the complexity of the transition from studentship experience to the employees experience within a complex health organizations. -> Workshop on excerpts from nurses’ interviews. 2. Work in practice: how matter the practices of inclusion, the organizational culture, the community of practices and any situated practices in health organizations. -> Small readings on research interview fragments 3. Gender and organization: "doing gender" in organizations, hegemonic and hegemonic cultures that derive from this issue in workplace settings. -> workshop on research materials. 4. Working with the "body" in organizations: ethnic problems, cultural problems, body representation, uniforms, etc.. -> Readings from research articles. 5. Organizational learning and professional communities, professional identity and situated social dynamics. -> Workshop about research interviews. 6. Safety and security in health organizations: security and safety as organizational tasks. -> Workshop on research materials

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Giovanna Vicarelli Cura e Salute Carocci 2013 978-88-430-7011-4
Attila Bruni, Silvia Gherardi Studiare le pratiche lavorative Il Mulino 2007 978-8-815-11627-7

Assessment methods and criteria

Written test for four questions answered briefly and concisely.

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