Master's degree in Nursing and Obstetrics (Verona)

Epidemiology, statistics and research - EPIDEMIOLOGIA E SANITA' PUBBLICA

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Albino Poli
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LMSIO VR - 1° ANNO 1° SEM. dal Nov 14, 2019 al Mar 14, 2020.

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Learning outcomes

- Provide students with epidemiological tools for observational studies
- Provide students with the tools to analyze the health needs of the population.
- Provide students with the data collection paths and data evaluation tools
- Provide students with indicators for health planning


Epidemiological methods and tools:
- organization of an epidemiological study;
- types of study and results;
- population observational studies;
- health and disease indicators in observational studies
Data sources:
- demographic data
- health data
- socio-economic data
Evaluation tools for health planning:
- indicators of the health status of the population (rates, indices, mortality, morbidity, causes of death, causes of illness, avoidable mortality)
- population structure indicators (birth rate, aging index, Lexis curve, household composition, population distribution on the territory)
- indicators of healthcares'use facilities (number and size of hospital facilities in Italy, hospitalization rates, hospital discharge records, consumption of drugs, number of services and efficiency of facilities)
The programming tools:
- assessment of needs
- resource evaluation (outline)
- tools for analyzing the effectiveness of resource allocation (outlines)

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Francesco Vitale, Michele Zagra Igiene, epidemiologia e organizzazione sanitaria orientata per problemi (Edizione 1) ELSEVIER 2012 978-88-214-3424-2
Triassi M, Aggazzotti G, Ferrante M Igiene Medicina preventiva e del territorio (Edizione 2) Sorbona 2015 978-88-7947-599-0

Assessment methods and criteria

Written exam with open questions and possible oral integration

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