Combined Bachelor's + Master's degree in Medicine and Surgery

Combined Bachelor's + Master's degree in Medicine and Surgery

Psychiatry (2019/2020)

Course code
Mirella Ruggeri
Academic sector
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Teaching is organised as follows:
Activity Credits Period Academic staff
Lezioni di Psichiatria 5.5 1° semestre Francesco Amaddeo
Corrado Barbui
Antonio Lasalvia
Mirella Ruggeri
Sarah Tosato
Esercitazioni di Psichiatria [Gruppo Dott. Ostuzzi] 0.5 1° semestre Giovanni Ostuzzi
Esercitazioni di Psichiatria [Gruppo Dott.ssa Bellani] 0.5 1° semestre Marcella Bellani
Esercitazioni di Psichiatria [Gruppo Prof. Barbui] 0.5 1° semestre Corrado Barbui
Esercitazioni di Psichiatria [Gruppo Prof. Lasalvia] 0.5 1° semestre Antonio Lasalvia
Esercitazioni di Psichiatria [Gruppo Prof.ssa Ruggeri] 0.5 1° semestre Mirella Ruggeri
Esercitazioni di Psichiatria [Gruppo Prof.ssa Tosato] 0.5 1° semestre Sarah Tosato

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Learning outcomes

Obiettivi formativi (in lingua inglese)

• General knowledge of the cultural, historical, scientific and normative development of psychiatry, including contributions from recent epidemiological data.
• General knowledge of the classification of mental disorders, on etiopathogenetic models (biological, social and psychological ones), and on prognosis.
• General knowledge of semiotics, psichopathology, of the classification of mental disorders, of personality disorders and of comorbidity, of substance use disorders and of eating disorders.
• General knowledge of normative and organizational aspects of psychiatry and community mental health: multiprofessional team-work and psycho-social approach.
• General knowledge of the main psychotherapeutic approaches and schools, and competencies in identifying the appropriate approach, sorting patients with respect to efficacy, duration and cost-effectiveness of different psychotherapies.
• Awareness of the intrinsic psychotherapeutic attitudes of the doctor-patient relationship tp foster adherence to treatment.
• Identifying conditions that indicate a referral to a psychotherapist.
• Competencies in appropriate referral of the patients to different facilities of the community mental health service.
• Skills in assessing those conditions that call for an involuntary commitment (Trattamento Sanitario Obbligatorio – TSO).


Programma (in lingua inglese)

Psychiatry: an introductory lecture
Classification of mental disorders
General Psychopathology I
General Psychopathology II
Strategies of psychological intervention
The social approach in psychiatry
Epidemiology of mental disorders
Communication in psychiatry
Eating Disorders
Psychiatric legislation and Organization of services
Prevention, treatment and rehabilitation in psychiatry

Assessment methods and criteria

Modalità esame (in lingua inglese)

Written, multiple-choice examination, on the following topics:
foundations of biological, psychological and social psychaitry; psychopathology and psychiatric semiotics, classification of disorders, clinical psychiatry, psychopharmacology, psychological and psychosocial treatments, rehabilitation, organization of psychiatric services, and questions to assess the learning degree after the practicum. The test database includes more than seven hundred questions devised by the teachers participating in the course, on various aspects of the discipline, randomly selected according to the procedure developed by the Docimological Centre of the University of Verona. In case of failure, or of low scoring, the student is allowed to withdraw, is informed of errors, and eventually to repeat the examination. The test generally includes forty questions in a given time of sixty minutes.

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Activity Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
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