Postgraduate Specialisation in Pathological Anatomy

Postgraduate Specialisation in Pathological Anatomy

Anatomia patologica 1 (discipline specifiche della tipologia) - DIDATTICA FRONTALE (2018/2019)

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Teaching is organised as follows:
Activity Credits Period Academic staff
Anatomia patologica 1 - Brunelli 5 not yet allocated Matteo Brunelli
Anatomia patologica 1 - Martignoni 1 not yet allocated Guido Martignoni
Anatomia patologica 1 - Zamboni 1 not yet allocated Giuseppe Zamboni
Anatomia patologica 1 - Scarpa 1 not yet allocated Aldo Scarpa
Anatomia patologica 1 - Caliò 2 not yet allocated Anna Calio'
Anatomia patologica 1 - Luchini 1 not yet allocated Claudio Luchini
Anatomia patologica 1 - Manfrin 1 not yet allocated Erminia Manfrin
Anatomia patologica 1 - Barresi 1 not yet allocated Valeria Barresi

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Learning outcomes

Diagnostic iter with focus on gross organ and histopathology


Breast, Ginecological tract, Heart, brain, lung, liver, kidney
Histopathology and ancillary methods

Assessment methods and criteria

Oral exam with at least two topics

Reference books
Activity Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Anatomia patologica 1 - Brunelli Robbins e Cotran Le basi patologiche delle malattie (due volumi) Elsevier 2010
Anatomia patologica 1 - Brunelli Rubin E. Patologia Generale Anatomia Patologica Piccin 2019
Anatomia patologica 1 - Luchini JR Goldblum, LW Lamps, LK McKenney, JL Myers Rosai and Ackerman's Surgical Pathology (Edizione 11) Elsevier 2017 978-0-323-26339-9

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