Bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy (to qualify as a physiotherapist) (Vicenza)

Advanced methods in physiotherapy and introduction to research - TERAPIA MANUALE INTEGRATA

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Andrea Zimoli
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FISIO VI 3^ ANNO - 2^ SEMESTRE dal Mar 4, 2019 al Apr 13, 2019.

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Learning outcomes

Knowing the structure of the Clinical reasoning applied to the patient's musculoskeletal rating, according to the bio-psycho-social model based sull'ICF (with particular attention to districts in the cervical and lumbar spine)
Know the procedures for building a correct progression of treatment by means for the application of specific techniques; know their indications and contraindications, in order to know how to choose the most effective method, according to an approach based on '"EBP".


Know the general and specific concepts preliminary to the understanding and practice of manual therapy. Determine the signs and treatment limitations with manual therapy and rehabilitation of a particular musculoskeletal pathology. Practical demonstration of the correct execution of some mobilizzative and manipulative techniques of the spine and limbs according to the principles of the most important schools. Program in expanded form: general and specific concepts of manual therapy (6 hours) - Manual therapy (origins, evolution, IFOMPT) - Scope of Manual Therapy - In TM Rating: History; Physical examination: observation, val. active movement, passive, against isometric resistance; neurological examination; Special tests, additional tests, indications and contraindications to treatment, clinical reasoning TM treatment (6 hours) - Treatment Techniques: traction, mobilization and manipulation, MTP, soft tissue techniques, neuromuscular techniques (PIR, CRAC, muscle energy), neurodinamiche techniques, progression of forces, re-evaluation) The cervical spine (6 hours) - Elements of functional anatomy - Cervicogenic headache and whiplash - Disorders of the most common concern for T.M. - Peculiarities regarding the cervical spine - Evaluation (includes the aspects mentioned above) - Manual processing - Practical demonstration (case study)   The lumbar spine (6 hours) - Elements of functional anatomy - The lumbar-pelvic instability - Disorders of the most common concern for T.M. - Peculiarities regarding the lumbar spine - Evaluation (includes the aspects mentioned above) - Manual processing - Practical demonstration (case study)

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Marco Testa, Andrea Zimoli IL DOLORE CERVICALE - Guida alla valutazione e al trattamento (Edizione 1) LSWR SRL 2014 978-88-214-3060-2 Questo libro è il primo volume di fisioterapia, pubblicato in Italia, che affronta in modo pratico-applicativo gli aspetti valutativi e terapeutici delle sindromi dolorose del rachide cervicale. La modalità con cui vengono presentati i vari argomenti sono coerenti con la struttura del ragionamento clinico presentate nel corso di TERAPIA MANUALE INTEGRATA, tanto da rappresentarne un utile compendio.

Assessment methods and criteria

Written and oral examination during the course of clinical case


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