Bachelor's degree in Dental Hygiene (Verona)


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Massimo Girelli
Massimo Girelli
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CLID LEZ 1ANNO 1SEMESTRE VERONA dal Oct 2, 2017 al Dec 7, 2017.

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Changes of behavior through learning and how these changes are memorized. Different forms of learning. Intelligence and its measurement.


- Behavior and Learning
- Abituation, Law of Effect
- Classic Conditioning (Pavlov), Extinction, Operating Conditioning
- Relative reinforcement: ratio and interval, fixed and variable
- Programmed Education, Operating Conditioning in Education, Vicarious Reinforcement
- Avoidance and Escape Learning, Latent Learning
- Reinforcement and Punishment, Positive and Negative
- Observational Learning - Bandura (children aggressiveness)
- Memory: Encoding, Storage, Recall. Modal Model
- Sensory Memory , Working Memory (memory span), Long Term Memory (interference, contest)
- Explicit and Implicit Memory
- Sleep effects on Memory
- Shock Memory, Abused Children Testimony
- Learning Plan, Bottom-Up and Top-Down processes
- Script, Mental Models
- Enhancing Learning, Tuning and Reorganization
- Building Learning, Strategic Process, Interactive Process, Cultural Differences, Proximal Developmental Zone
- Cognitive Learning: Training, Support, Development, Thinking, Modeling, Exploration, Mutual Aid
- Institutional and Extra-Institutional Learning
- Motivations: Needs, Drives, Incentives, Expectation, Goals
- Maslow Theory, Autorealization, Self Realization, Hierarchy
- Intrisic and Ectrinsic Motivations
- Motivation to Success, Self Efficacy
- Emotions: Facial Expressions, Affective prosody, Emotions and Interpersonal Relationships, Emotion Theories
- Intelligence: Measurement, Intelligence Test, Mental Age, IQ
- Factorial Intelligence Theories, GF and GC factors, Flexible and Crystallized Intelligence
- Intelligence Variable, Hereditariness and Environment, Metacomponents
- Learning and Intelligence, Styles of Thinking, Education and Approaches
- Motivation to Learn: Active Role, self-perception, Tools
- Success Objectives. Command and Performance Objectives
- Command Approach, Performance Approach, Performance Avoidance
- Objective Structure
- Success Objectives and Emotions: Positive and Negative Activation and De-Activation
- Success Objectives and Intrinsic Motivation: Self-determination, Competence, Independency, Autonomy, Relationship with Others
- Motivation to Learn, Interiorization/Regulation
- Interest: In Situation, Personal
- Effectiveness Feeling
- Assignment Theory: Locus, Stability, Control
- Self-regulation: Planning, Monitoring, Control, Reaction and Reflexion
- Adaptive and No-adaptive: Help request, self-obstacle

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Mason Psicologia dell'Apprendimento e dell'Istruzione (Edizione 1) Il Mulino 2006 978-88-15-23907-5

Assessment methods and criteria

multiple choice test: 15 questions with 3 response options each


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