Master's degree in Nursing and Obstetrics (Verona)

Epidemiology and statistics - STATISTICA MEDICA E EPIDEMIOLOGIA

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Alessandro Marcon
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1°anno 1°semestre LMSIO dal Nov 13, 2017 al Jan 17, 2018.

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Learning outcomes

The course aims to provide students with basic skills in inferential statistics applied to quantitative variables in the biomedical field. The course also includes a review of the main descriptive statistics. At the end of the course students will be able to calculate and interpret some descriptive and inferential statistics that are commonly used in scientific literature.


DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS. Measurement and measurement scales. Frequency distributions. Measures of central tendency and variability. Joint distribution of two qualitative variables.
THEORETICAL PROBABILITY DISTRIBUTIONS. Random variables. Normal distribution. Use of the standard normal distribution.
SAMPLING. Population and statistical sample. Sampling distribution of an estimator: the sampling mean.
STATISTICAL INFERENCE. Confidence interval. Test of hypothesis. Test of hypothesis significance. Student's t test for independent samples.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Verlato G, Zanolin ME Esercizi di Statistica Medica, Informatica ed Epidemiologia Libreria Cortina Editrice, Verona 2000
Colton T Statistica in medicina Piccin Editore, Padova 1991
Lantieri PB, Risso D, Ravera G Statistica medica per le professioni sanitarie (Edizione 2) McGraw-Hill, Milano 2004
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Assessment methods and criteria

The final test is a written exam including both multiple-choice questions and open questions. The aim of the test is to assess the knowledge of the topics discussed and the ability to interpret some descriptive and inferential statistics. The final evaluation is expressed in thirtieths.


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