Combined Bachelor's + Master's degree in Medicine and Surgery

Basic biological notions required for the access

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Monica Mottes
Monica Mottes
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Lezioni 1° semestre 1° anno dal Oct 10, 2016 al Jan 13, 2017.

Lesson timetable

Lezioni 1° semestre 1° anno

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Learning outcomes

To overcome deficiencies in Biology evidenced by the selection test. To provide the student with basic notions in Biology, which are necessary for the incipient study course


The macromolecules of life. Prokaryotic cell. Eukaryotic cell.
Cell membrane, organelles. Cell-cell communications.
Cell cycle, mitosis, chromosomes. Meiosis ans sexual re production. Cell death.
Molecular bases of heredity: the informational flow from DNA to proteins. Regulation of gene expression.
Chromosomal bases of heredity: Mendel’s laws and the definition of “gene”.

Assessment methods and criteria

Written exam (multiple choice quizzes regarding basic topics). The exam mark will be: approved/not approved


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