Bachelor's degree in Obstetrics (to qualify as an obstetrician)

Biological and physical sciences - BIOLOGIA APPLICATA

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Cristina Bombieri
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1°anno 1°semestre dal Oct 1, 2015 al Nov 28, 2015.

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1°anno 1°semestre

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Learning outcomes

The course purpose is to provide the basic knowledge about living organism characteristics through the acquisition of the fundamental concepts of functional and molecular principles of cellular processes and of human genetics (mode of transmission of hereditary characters and molecular basis of genetic diseases).


- Characteristics of the living beings. Symbiosis. Autotrophy and heterotrophy.
- Water: characteristics and biological importance.
- Eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell: main features and differences. Endosymbiotic theory. Pluricells organisms evolution.
- Cell cycle and its regulation, mitosis, meiosis, cell death. Sexual and asexual reproduction.
- DNA: structure, function, replication. Organisation of DNA in chromosome. DNA and its role in heredity. Definition of gene. Informational pathway: transcription, RNA maturation, genetic code, translation and protein synthesis. DNA mutation.
- Hereditary character transmission and Mendel’s laws. Genetics of blood groups.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Roberti, Antognelli, Bistocchi, Talesa Biochimica e Biologia per le professioni sanitarie (Edizione 2) McGraw-Hill 2013
Solomon, Berg, Martin Elementi di Biologia (Edizione 6) EdiSES 2013
Sadava, Hillis, Craig Heller, Hacker Elementi di Biologia e Genetica (Edizione 5) Zanichelli 2019 9788808820655

Assessment methods and criteria

Written test (multiple choice quiz and open questions) based on the educational content of the course. Contextual to the other teachings of the integrated course.

Teaching aids



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