Bachelor's degree in Nursing (to qualify as a nurse) (Legnago)

Clinical nursing care in medical area - MEDICINA INTERNA

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Francesco Bertoldo
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INF. LE 2° anno 1° semestre dal Oct 5, 2015 al Dec 22, 2015.

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INF. LE 2° anno 1° semestre

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Learning outcomes

iThe teaching focuses on assisting patients with chronic medical problems undergoing stability and instability (heart failure, IMA and angina, COPD and asthma). The approach considers the contents and welfare modalities to activate specific connecting behaviors whereas the majority of patients with chronic illness live at home and the hospitalization time is very short. The patient's problems will be addressed considering their evolution, the evaluation of the patient reasoned and the choice of assistance interventions based on the evidence, appropriateness and needs of the patient. Instability/flare will be addressed with an assistential protocol. It will be considered the impact and experience of the disease on the life of the patient and on the family and explored the aspects of rehabilitation and palliative compared to the symptoms in the advanced stage (es dyspnea). This teaching is built on the knowledge of the 1st year of Nursingnserire--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


The main cardiovascular risk factors: arterial hypertension, dyslipidemics, obesity.
Clinical assessment, diagnostic criteria, therapy and major organ complications
Atherosclerosis an overview of pathogenesis, prevention, clinical and treatment.
Chronic heart failure:Signs of Physiopathology. Description of the clinical picture. Diagnostics and staging of the degree of disease. Indications on lifestyle and multifactorial therapy. Hospital and ambulatory management.
Anemia Classification. Compensation mechanisms. Analysis in particular of: genetic forms, sideropenic anaines and in the course of chronic diseases.
Lymphomas and Leukemias, clinical classification of Linfo and myeloproliferative diseases. Approach to the patient and hints at the problems of staging for the definition of the therapeutic path and care needs for the main forms of solid and leukemic neoplasms. Bleeding and thrombotic diseases.Notes on the hemostatic system and genetic nd aquired diseases.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Dennis L. Kasper, Eugene Braunwald, Anthony Fauci, Stephen Hauser, Dan Longo, J. Larry Jameson Harrison - Principi di Medicina Interna.2 voll. (Edizione 19) McGraw-Hill, Milano 2015
Antonelli Incalzi Raffaele Medicina Interna perScienze infermieristiche PICCIN 2012 978-88-299-2114-0

Assessment methods and criteria

Written exam with multiple-response quizzes. Possibility of oral intergration


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