Combined Bachelor's + Master's degree in Medicine and Surgery

Medical clinic, gerontology and medical treatment - MEDICINA GENERALE, MEDICINA INTERNA E GERIATRIA

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Enrico Arosio, Luciano Cominacini, Pietro Minuz, Mauro Zamboni
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Lezioni 2° semestre 6°anno dal Jan 26, 2015 al Apr 29, 2015.

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Lezioni 2° semestre 6°anno

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Learning outcomes

Professional objectives: to be able to interpret symptoms, clinical signs, structural and functional alterations for a global evaluation of personal health condition. To express differential diagnostic hypotheses. To analyze and solve clinical problems of internal medicine with a methodology taking in to account risk-benefits ratio and cost-benefits ratio. To be able of formulating a rational therapeutic programme based on pathophysiological and pharmacological knowledge. To behave kindly and to communicate correctly with patients and their relatives, with colleagues and other sanitary operators on the basis of professional code of conduct and respecting mutual functions.


The course will consist of lessons given by the official Professors of Internal Medicine; occasionally they may be assisted by Professors of specialized courses on some issues of particular importance. Somtimes, these afternoon lessons may also be carried out in the form of seminars.
In the morning (from 8.30am to 14.30 pm), the student will attend a universitary department of Internal Medicine or Geriatrics for a period of eight weeks; he will be assigned individually to a single tutor who will ensure his training during his stay in the hospital ward. During this period the student will learn the internal medicine methodology of facing diagnostic, management and therapeutic problems. In this context, the training must be done according to the logic of comprehensive patient care together with other medical doctors and professionals

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