Specialist degree in Medicine and Surgery (single cycle)

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Public Health - Scienze umane: lezioni

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Mauro Niero, Stefano Tardivo
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Lezioni e attività pratiche - 2° semestre (I-V anno) dal Feb 23, 2009 al May 29, 2009.

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Lesson timetable

Lezioni e attività pratiche - 2° semestre (I-V anno)

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Learning outcomes

This course is aimed at introducing the main social science issues interesting medical sciences at three tipical conceptualization levels: macro (health provision services and welfare state; meso (organizations and health professions; micro (doctor-patient relationships; socio-psychological supports in clinical decision-making).


Issues of the course are the following:
- relationships between medical and social sciences: biomedical determinants of social issues; social issues of medical determinants;
- social research and outcome measurements: quality of life and Patient-reported otcomes in clinicl research;
- social research and patient satisfaction;
- medical errors and medical mistakes: typology and consequences;
- health systems, redistributios and welfare-state models.

Assessment methods and criteria

Written and oral

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