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Physics, statistics and computer science (2006/2007)

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Roberto De Marco
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Teaching is organised as follows:
Unit Credits Academic sector Period Academic staff
Fisica applicata 2 FIS/07-APPLIED PHYSICS lezione 1°anno 1°semestre Silvio Galassini
Informatica 2 INF/01-INFORMATICS lezione 1°anno 1°semestre Barbara Oliboni
Statistica medica 1 MED/01-MEDICAL STATISTICS lezione 1°anno 1°semestre Roberto De Marco

Learning outcomes

Module: Fisica applicata

Module: Informatica
This course provides the foundations of computer science along with the terminology and basic notations.

Module: Statistica medica


Module: Fisica applicata

Module: Informatica

Information processing
- Problems and algorithms
- Flow diagrams
- Programs
--- Programming languages
--- Instructions
--- Data
--- Sub-programs

Computer architecture
- Von Neumann machine
--- The executor
--- Memory
--- Storage memory devices
--- Input/Output interfaces
--- Peripherals

Information encoding
- Binary, octal, hexadecimal encoding
- Base conversions
- Binary encoding of integers and their sum and subtraction
- Binary encoding of signed integers and their sum
- Character encoding

Operating systems
- Operating system features
- Process management
- Memory access
- Device control

Module: Statistica medica

Assessment methods and criteria

Module: Fisica applicata

Module: Informatica
Written test with exercises and questions, followed by an oral examination.

Module: Statistica medica

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Sciuto D., Buonanno G., Mari L. Introduzione ai Sistemi Informatici (Edizione 3) McGraw-Hill 2005 883866269X

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