Master's degree in Sport Science and Physical Performance

Movement analysis in mountain sports

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Barbara Pellegrini
Barbara Pellegrini
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MOTORIE 2° semestre dal Mar 2, 2020 al May 31, 2020.

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The teaching activity will be organized in frontal lessons introducing theoretical knowledge and in laboratory activity devoted to the investigation trough experimental measures.
The programme will include the following topics
• Human motion against gravity, the characteristic of uphill and downhill locomotion
• Human motion on uneven terrain, moving through different environment, ( es. slippery and soft surfaces)
• Human motion and its interaction with specific shoes, analysis of the effect of weight, sole stiffness and cushioning
• Human motion with the use of passive locomotory tools, the characteristic of the motion using walking poles, skis and other tools and equipments .

Students are recommended to revise the fundamentals of kinematics, dynamics, muscular factors and metabolism of human movement and sport.
Experimental session will include data analysis made by Excel software, the students are excpected to be able to perform easy task such as calculation of mean values and representation od data series on graphs

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
vari articoli scientifici su argomenti attinenti e specifici verranno consigliati durante le lezioni  
Anthony Blazevich Biomeccanica dello sport Calzetti e Mariucci 2017 978-88-6028-510-2
di Prampero La locomozione umana su terra, in acqua, in aria Edi Ermes 2015

Assessment methods and criteria

the final grade will be determined on the basis of the following evaluation stages

° a 3-4 pages report, sent 1 week before the exam date, describing and commenting one of the topic faced during the lessons and measurements taken during laboratory activity. Students will work as a group of 3 people. The details of the project will be explained during the first class. The topic of the laboratory project will be given during the laboratory lessons .
° a written exam, will be composed by a series of open questions dealing with the course topics
in case of positive outcome at written exam
° an oral exam on the topic of the cours and could b eincluded a revision and commnet on the written exam and report sent

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