Current year courses

Academic year 2016/2017

Master II in Clinical Practice based on Efficacy Tests: Evidence-Based Practice and Health Technology Assessment (Trento)
Master II in Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Surgery
Master II in Interventional Oncology Ultrasounds
Master II in Robot-Assisted Radical Prostatectomy (RALP)
Master II in Tropical Surgery and Humanitary Emergencies
Master II in Ultrasound point-of-care in the integrated management of acute patients
Master I in Case Manager for Primary and Palliative Care (Vicenza)
Master I in Early Childhood and Movement: Development from 0-6 years old
Master I in Expert Trainer for Sensory and Multifunctional Disabilities (with distance learning)
Master I in Management of Quality, Clinical Risk and Patient Safety
Master I in Methods of Tutoring and Coordination for Clinical Teaching in the Health and Social Sectors (Trento)
Master I in Oncology clinical trials: Clinical, managerial and operational aspects (interuniversity)(administrative campus: Padua)
Master I in Osteopathy for Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal Disorders
Master I in Psychomotricity (2 years, international)
Master in Case Management Methods for Advanced Management of Complex Assistential Processes
Masters (level 1) in Immunologic lung diseases: From mechanisms to treatment
Masters (level 2) in Pharmacovigilance and Drug Regulations
1st level Masters in Advanced nursing for the epidemiological monitoring and control of infections related to care processes (ICPA)
Master II in Stomatology and Implantology
Master I in Advanced Nursing for Geriatric Care
Master I in Advanced Nursing in Critical Care
Master I in Critical Care Nursing
Master I in Healthcare Coordination Management (Vicenza)
Master I in Managerial Techniques for Healthcare Coordinators (Trento)
Master I in Managerial Techniques for Healthcare Coordinators (Vicenza)
Masters (level 1) in Management for Advanced Coordination of Departments and Complex Organisational Areas - for healthcare coordinators only
Masters (level 1) in Transthoracic Echocardiography Techniques
University Masters Degree in Sanitary Professions Coordinators (Level 1)
University Masters in Geriatric Nursing (1st level)
University Masters in Models and Methods of Tutoring in attachments for health and social professions
Masters (level 2) in Pancreatic and Biliary Surgery
Advanced Masters (level 2) in Palliative Care for Specialist Doctors (2 years)
Erasmus Mundus - European Master in Sustainable Regional Health Systems
Level 1 Masters in Managerial Techniques for Nursing Coordinators (Bolzano)
Level 1 Masters in Safety, health, culture, in the social quality of work and for managers in the prevention and protection service [ESF]
Master II in Advanced Oral Surgery and Periodontology (2 years)
Master II in Clinical Endodontics and Endodontic Surgery
Master II in Endodontics
Master II in Epileptology (interuniversity with University of Ferrara)
Master II in Evaluative Epidemiology
Master II in Healthcare Management in Integrated Healthcare Networks
Master II in Low Dose Medicine in Pyscho-Neuro-Endocrine Immunology: Applications in general medicine, neuro-musculoskeletal dysfunction and healthy aging
Master II in Multidimensional Diabetes Management
Master II in Oral Surgery and Implantology
Master II in Paediatric Dental Traumatology
Master II in Paediatric Dentistry
Master II in Palliative Medicine
Master II in Patient-Oriented Clinical Evaluation as a Decision-Making Instrument in Neurology and Neuroscience (tumours, epilepsy, movement disorders)
Master II in Periodontology
Master II in Risk Management and Patient Safety
Master II in Spinal Surgery
Master I in Advanced Emergency and Urgent Nursing
Master I in Advanced Paediatric Nursing (Bolzano)
Master I in Case Manager for Primary and Palliative Care (Trento)
Master I in Dental Hygiene and Prevention of Oral Pathologies in Paediatric Dentistry
Master I in Healthcare Coordination Management (Bolzano)
Master I in Healthcare Coordination Management (Trento)
Master I in Healthcare Coordination Management (Vicenza)
Master I in Management and Coordination of Healthcare Professions (Vicenza)
Master I in Management for Coordination in the Healthcare Sector (Trento)
Master I in Managing and Coordinating Healthcare Professions (Verona)
Master I in Neuroscience for Healthcare Professions. Developing advanced skills in managing patients with spinal chord injuries and severe brain lesions
Master I in Nursing assessment and advanced decision making for complex situations (Trento)
Master I in Pharmacovigilance and Drug Regulations
Master I in Telemonitoring of Users of Implantable Defibrilators, Pacemakers and other Control Devices
Masters (level 1) in Biomedical Data Processing, Microrobots and Nanotechnology for Medicine
Masters (level 2) in Hand Surgery
University Masters Degree in Management of diabetes and metabolic disorders correlated to diabetes in children (II level - inter-university master).
University Masters in Advanced Psychiatric Nursing (1st level)
University Masters in the study of breast pathologies (2nd level 2nd course9
University Masters in Ultrasound for Urology, Nephrology and Andrology (2nd level)

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